99X Off 98.9FM (Only)

Sadly, we received a notice from the FCC that requires us to cease broadcasting on 98.9 FM immediately.  Now, passionate music mavens will have to find 99x on either their app, available at the App Store or Google Play, WWWQ-HD2, Alexa or on the stream on their laptop or desktop computer.  A few things we want you to know:

  1. We are pursuing the FCC with an appeal of their decision.  We believe the interference complaints were remediated successfully and we have a right to continue to provide Atlantans with a product they have proven they love.  We are not sure how long the process will take, but we will do all that we can to return 99x to the FM band.
  2. This is not the end of 99x!  Through the distribution channels described above, we’ll continue to program the station with the passion, the love and the effort we have.  To that end we will be launching a promotional campaign on our products informing listeners on where they can find 99x.

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