Judah & the Lion Collaborate with Grammy Winner Kacey Musgraves

Judah & the Lion dropped their new heartfelt single “Pictures” on Feb. 20 which features country artist and Grammy-award winner Kacey Musgraves.

The collaboration may come as a shock to some but the band and Musgraves are both based out of Nashville and each have a talent for writing hauntingly beautiful music.

The alternative-pop band told Billboard that “Pictures” was written about lead singer Judah Akers’ family when addiction, death, affairs and divorce were tearing his family apart.  Akers said that the single was written from his mother’s perspective and came to him quickly as he finished the heartfelt song in five minutes.

The band announced that the single will be featured on their new album Pep Talks which will be released on May 3.



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Sometimes you have to talk about the things that are most personal to you in order to move forward. A lot of this record dives into what I, personally, have been dealing with—- My family went through a rough patch a few years ago and, as a result of it all, my parents found themselves in the middle of a hard divorce. I felt helpless. hurt. angry. Mostly at them and the “whys” in all of it. This record dives into that. But writing this song really helped me see them as people and allowed me to back away from my own “rage” — and look into theirs. (Link in bio to listen) There’s more of a story to tell, but this is the start to that story. Also, we’ve never been more honored to have one of our favorite artists in the world, @spaceykacey, sing on this track and help us tell this story. You’re the best Kacey. Thank you! All the love, J

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Featured Image: (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)


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