This “Alternative Love Blueprint” Poster Is A Must-Have

The “Alternative Love Blueprint” is a poster by Dorothy, a UK based art and print company that has a unique style and designs you can’t find anywhere else. This Blueprint features Alternative Rock’s history, major groundbreaking artists of the genre, influencers, and much more. You can see the entire history on one poster, and any…MORE


Five Ways to Relax in 30 Seconds

If you’re having a hard Monday, here are five things that can help you relax in about 30 seconds. 1.  Laugh.  Studies have shown it releases tension, reduces blood pressure, and can even lower your blood sugar levels. 2.  Eat an orange, or anything else with vitamin C.  Which mostly means other types of fruit,…MORE


9 Apps Every 20-Something Needs on Their Phone

No matter where we go, odds are our phones are firmly glued to our hands. It’s because with them, we can help control almost every part of our busy lives. Whether it’s money, health, work, school or entertainment, our phones are our primary source of information. So basically without these 10 essential apps, I don’t…MORE


Girl From LSU Takes $300 Uber Ride to Go 1.6 Miles During Game Day

We’ve all drunken Uber nights, taking one at the height of a surcharge, and not realizing it until the next morning. Take that, and multiply it by 20 and you’ll have this train wreck by Twitter user @AllisonCaldwell. Here is her trip during the LSU game, where traffic is about as fun as a colonoscopy.…MORE


This Inflatable Irish Pub Turns Your Back Yard Into A Bar

Courtesy of The Paddywagon Inflatable Pub The traditional Irish pub, whether in America or in the home country, is nothing without the local history in which it’s rooted. But sometimes a quaint alehouse with a rich backstory just isn’t within convenient stumbling distance from where you are. That’s where The Paddy Wagon Pub comes in.…MORE

iphone 7

What You Need To Know About The New iPhone 7

  Apple unveiled its new iPhone yesterday.  The short of it: there’s no headphone jack, they’re water-resistant, there’s a new operating system, a new color, and the iPhone 7 Plus has TWO cameras in the front for better pictures. It’s true, there’s no headphone jack. You’ll have to get Apple’s completely wireless air pods (or…MORE


The 9 Most Isolated Cabins In The World

Imagine having a hideaway where you can recharge away from the restraints of society and the stress of the everyday. It might be a home on a mountain top, nestled in villages, or ensconced in lush forests, No mobile phone signal, no WiFi to bring you work emails, no city sirens and no commute. A new book…MORE


28 Things To Keep You Going When Life Gets You Down

Life is hard. Some days are good, some not so much. On the days that your world comes crashing down, you need to remember the little things. The little things are what will help you keep on moving on when you need an extra push… 1. Playing your favorite song over and over again. 2.…MORE

Frans F

The Key to Living a Good, Long Life Is Family, Not Friends

  Hey, good news: You can finally stop hanging out with all of your “friends” who you don’t really like that much. ‘Cause they’re really not doing ANYTHING for you. A new study out of the University of Toronto found that the key to living a long life is being close with your FAMILY. “Older…MORE

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