Veterinarians Remove Steak Knife Swallowed By Puppy

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Veterinary specialists at an Australian clinic shared the saga of a 6-month-old puppy that somehow swallowed an entire steak knife.

The Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney said in a Facebook post the Staffordshire bull-terrier, Lexi, was “millimeters from death” when her owner brought her to the clinic and X-rays found the steak knife inside her body.

Dr. Jody Braddock, a specialist at the clinic, led a team of technicians in slowly inching the dangerous serrated knife back up Lexi’s esophagus.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Braddock said. “We knew that Lexi’s best chance for survival would be to remove the knife as soon as possible before it could cause more damage.”

“But to do that required a team effort with my veterinary technicians, guiding the endoscope with its camera in such a way that we could see the serrated edge and the tip of the knife and prevent it from cutting Lexi’s tissue as it was slowly and gently inched out with forceps,” she said.

Lexi was kept in intensive care for three days after the procedure to ensure she wasn’t suffering ill effects from her ordeal. She has since been sent home.

Dr. Christine Hawke, ARH’s veterinary dentist, said Lexi might have been seeking a chewable object to relieve pain from a condition causing her teeth to push into her gums.

(By Ben Hooper at UPI)


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