These Red Wine Brownies Are The Closest Thing to Heaven


Okay so maybe you’re a PMSing college girl who’s nursing a 2 week old breakup or maybe you’re just downing your typical bottle of wine before bed and looking for a little midnight snack. Either way, holy mother of God do these brownies have you covered.



Does life honestly get better than this? I’m convinced that after one bite (okay let’s be realistic here – one pan) of these bad boys, the rest of my life will probably just be sent on the downhill slide. If this is my peak, so be it.

I used to think I peaked in high school, but with red wine brownies on the horizon my day might still be coming.


I am literally one more glance at that photo away from grabbing my keys and booking it like a mad woman to the nearest grocery store. And I’ll probably use self checkout so that I don’t have to deal with the judgement I’ll be facing from that rude check out lady as I place my family-sized bottle of merlot on the counter next to a box of Betty Crocker goodness (talking about you, Gladys at Winn-Dixie).

Anywho, I need these in and around my mouth right now. I don’t even care if I ran today, these are worth every calorie.

Get the recipe from those goddesses over at Mountain View Vineyard here or by following the video below.

WARNING: this video contains extremely mouthwatering, delicious looking content that some viewers may find borderline arousing. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Lol jk. Go make yourself some brownies, fool.




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