2500 Years In The Making

Is there anything Dave and Company do that isn’t bad ass? Throughout their legendary career, The Foo’s have made it a point do things outside the norm in today’s music industry. From their memorable music videos…remember Learn to Fly or Big Me (GIVE ME SOME FOOTOS!!!!)…to the concept albums (and films) like Sound City Real to Reel and Sonic Highways.  Well it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they are now part of the Landmarks Live in Concert series. Watch as the The Foo Fighters rock the Acropolis and tour Athens with host, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Chad Smith,  in this new trailer for their upcoming concert special for PBS’ docu-series.  And for those not in the know…the travel/concert series, features artists performing in or around special venues or landmarks. The episode will air November 10th. Enjoy!



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