WATCH: Robert DeLong & K. Flay (What’s their favorite color?)

By now, anyone who is a fan of Robert Delong understands that he has a singular style. And nothing personifies that more than his highly anticipated music video for “Favorite Color Is Blue”. The video harkens back to a time when music videos were something of a new medium. (The green screen work is AWESOME!!!) ­čśë┬á In a press release, Robert said of his new music video:

“This video was one of the few times where something felt totally right after the first draft, which is saying something. Dmitry seemed to have a fully fleshed out vision that aligned perfectly with some of my favorite visual tastes – surreal animation, high-contrast distinct color schemes, datamoshing, pixel-sorting, and glitch. The experience was quite a unique one, in that K.Flay and I were set up with a seemingly arbitrary set of instructions for what needed to be filmed in front of a green-screen, and had to trust that Dmitry and his Russian team were going to deliver something coherent from what was captured. I am so excited to release this music video – I feel like it is a visual trip that is going to blow some minds!”

#FavoriteColorIsBlue Music Video. Coming soon…

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