Weezer Passes Toto The Hash Pipe

It’s safe to say that one this Summer’s surprise Alt hits is Weezer’s cover of the Toto classic, Africa. (Yes, kids…this song is a remake!) Some of the 99X staffers were around back when the original version was released and have been shocked that the song has taken on a new generation of fans. Recently, original Toto members, Steve Lukather and Steve Pocaro spoke with KROQ about returning the favor to Weezer, by recording one of their classics. After going back and forth on tracks from the Weezer catalog, the decision was made to remake Hash Pipe. “We wanted to make it different, but we wanted to do something rock and roll.” noted Porcaro. “I want to show everyone what a good rock and roll band we can be.”

As for the legendary band’s take on Weezer cover, they rated it “B-double-plus,”. “Here’s the thing, our music has such little nuance,” Lukather explained. “We spent so much meticulous time. These guys stood this s*** up in an afternoon. And let’s face it, they kicked ass on it.”

Check out the entire interview below, as well as the original videos for Africa and Hash Pipe.




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