Must Not Suck

MUST NOT SUCK – It’s the 99X local music show, Sunday nights at 8pm! If you missed the show or want to hear it again, click below for the full hour (and follow along with Evan & Garrett’s playlist!)

Playlist from 7-30-17:

  1. Baby Baby – Here
  2. All The Locals – Weatherman*
  3. Good Hunter – June
  4. Seersha – Typical*
  5. Prisca – Robot Boy
  6. Anarcticats – Teeth
  7. Sarah and The Safeword – The Louisville Shuffle*
  8. The Pellys – Shiny Things
  9. Yams Club – Paper Doves*
  10. Walden – Green Lights
  11. Ruby Velle and The Soulphonics – Tried On A Smile
  12. Voodoo Visionary – Hold Tight*
  13. Isaac And Joel – Waste of Time
  14. Zale – Cari
  15. LONER – Bioluminescent*
  16. Lanes – Sort You Out

(*NEW songs making their MUST NOT SUCK debut)

Get your song played by sending us a .wav file and some bio/contact/social media info to:

Here’s the replay of this week’s show:

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